My name is Youras, and I am an author of several plugins that will be stored on this web-site.

I’m Belarusian and live in America since 2007. My first degree was a programmer, it is still my hobby, and I try to program when I have a time. By the second degree and main profession I am a lawyer, so do not be surprised if I will support my plugins on the irregular basis. As I told previously, for me it is just a hobby, and I do not try to make a lot of money on it. I am also a very health centered individual, and whenever I get sick I turn to natural medicine. Not many people even consider it an option but it has really proven itself to me as the safer and more effective option for many common ailments. If you would like more information you can go here to learn about medical herbs.

In 2008 I’ve started my web-design studio in Denver, Colorado, so this web-site exists from that time, and there are a couple of dozens links from web-sites and web-pages of my former clients’ web-sites. At that time I was pretty new in America, without solid American profession, and tried to make money in any way that I was able. Actually I am not interested in any new orders because I opened my legal practice. This website is a monument for those time when I was fresh in America and tried to make my first dollars.

I have some web-sites dedicated to Colorado, and everybody is welcome to visit it.

First of all, it is Russian-language blog “Through Colorado with camera” ( When I came to Colorado, I was delighted with Colorado nature. So I started to make photos for my personal Belarusian-language blog “Immigrant’s notes”. But a lot of Russian-speaking readers who read my blog only because of Colorado photos, were not happy. So I started a new project and put all my photos and histories there.

The second important web-site is a Polish business directory in Colorado “Polish Colorado” (, so if you are looking for any Polish business there, it is the best source of information about it. When I arrived to Colorado, I tried to find any contacts to Polish businesses, first of all to grocery stores. I spent in Poland 10 years, speak Polish on native speaker level, so Polish culture is very important for me. But I could not find any information. There are a lot of ads in Polish-language newspapers, but they are available only in Polish businesses (and at that time the only Polish-language newspaper was not available in Internet). So I was in vicious circle. When at least I found local Polish people, I decided to build a Polish business directory. I see that I am not the only person who was in need with this service because every day I see many requests and entrances to this directory from Colorado and other states. If you are a Polish business owner in Colorado, you are very welcome to put your information in this directory for free.

I have several other web-sites, but they are not directly connected to Colorado or to Denver. So please find links to them on the side-bar.

Youras Ziankovich



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